A new album is imminent from English producer Stephen Wilkinson, aka Bibio, which gives me the opportunity to take a moment and shamelessly gush about his music. Bibio seems to be the sort of performer who, despite having the musical chops to scale any height he so chooses, prefers to fly way under the radar. […]

Every time a new piece of divisive pop culture arrives on the marketplace, a weird thing happens (and by happens, I mean in the internet/social media sphere, where pissing matches have been elevated to Olympic feats.) And that happening is, no matter how vapid, dumb, forgettable, or just plain bad this piece of culture might […]

I had the grim opportunity to watch Leaving Neverland a couple weeks ago, and was fairly gobsmacked at how much it changed my opinion of Michael Jackson. Prior to my viewing, there was always a sort of occlusion in my mind when dealing with MJ, a sort of, well, yes, there’s a whole lot of […]

Southern Reach Trilogy author Jeff VanderMeer recently wrote an illuminating piece for the Chicago Review of Books, dispensing eight nuggets of advice for the Internet’s nugget-eating machine. I’m usually not into things like this—writing advice is its own industry nowadays, most of it needlessly complex or overly specific; read and write a lot will do […]