Originally published in Issue #2 of Orson’s Review “I wanted to open this intake meeting with a little story about the gulag,” Jerry says. Because of course he does. Jerry is the kind of guy who’s intellectually curious enough to have read Blood Meridian but too dense to realize he shouldn’t have quoted Judge Holden […]

Originally published in Issue #3 of Expanded Field Journal They always fidget. I see them from a distance, two at a time usually, huddling like frozen blackbirds on a telephone line. Most of them past middle-aged but always men, always thinking themselves younger and thinner than midlife’s reckoned. No matter how much confidence they exude or the little […]

Originally published in Vol. 1, Issue #2 of Coffin Bell It sits there like the perfect intaglio, all five toes accounted for, the heel an unspoiled ellipsis, inner arch like the cold, bright crescent of the winter moon. A footprint glaring at me from the carpet. A child’s footprint, more accurately, sunk deep into the […]

Originally published in The Metaworker The peace inside the giant glass bell is almost always short-lived. Soon the translucent, riblike curves will spark with electric-blue orbs, followed by clouds of glittering cosmic dust, followed again by a wave of pin-sized fires burning up as fast as they ignite, a lightshow of tachyons, dilatons, exotic matter […]

Originally published in Issue #1 of Chronoscope The house is squatter than the bastard remembers. It’s not, of course, but he’s been gone five weeks, and tragedy has a tendency to transfigure things in ways our minds can’t quite reckon. Pain colors us. Looking now into its old cylinder glass windows he can’t see the […]