Originally published in Issue #1 of Chronoscope The house is squatter than the bastard remembers. It’s not, of course, but he’s been gone five weeks, and tragedy has a tendency to transfigure things in ways our minds can’t quite reckon. Pain colors us. Looking now into its old cylinder glass windows he can’t see the […]

Originally published in Vol. 2, Issue #1 of Five on the Fifth At this point, I’m totally in the dark. Really, I have no way of knowing whether the term spacefly is still in the lexicon from whatever time you’re reading this. But that is who, in fact, has written this rambling, self-serving message to […]

Originally published in Issue #7 of Typehouse Magazine Mr. Chen lived close enough to the Three Gorges Dam that he could see all of it from top to bottom, and to him the dam was, you’ll excuse him, a structure unlike any other. Staring at it as he often did, he found that its mood […]

Originally published in Issue #7 of Flapperhouse Magazine I already have the pink flamingos and the gnomes, of course, plus the red-hatted jockey holding the lamp. Even the nana bent over her invisible garden with the fluffy white bloomers, the balsa one that practically glows under its shellack of dollar-store paint. But there’s so much […]

Originally published in Vol. 2, Issue # 2 of Bird’s Thumb She came here a few days ago from somewhere east, maybe from Nesquehoning, out of the glow of the coast months before that, walking or hitching along Route 54 until the lights faded and the treelines went mad.  She had no other possessions but […]